In 2013 coming back to Greece after 17 years of being in Europe I found out a transformed and unknown to me country. That was probably the unconscious reason which poushed me to be in contact with one of the main fields of transformation, that means the transexual and the transgender. The place was “The Dolls”, the Drag Queen Show, the best well kept secret in Athens. At the beginning I functionned as an excited observer glancing to whatever glittering, seduced by the unknown, better say the uncanny. They were roles to me and I was a machine to them. They did so because behind the exuberance and the assurance of the role they are vulnerable, sensitive and romantic. I guess I am the same. Gradually we recognised are similarities and basic trust was developped between us : roles and masques are abandonned , they open me their mind and their soul and they allow me to see and photograph their “inner garden”. To be continued ..